It’s that time of the year again when you want to spruce up your home and get rid of the junk that has accumulated over the winter months.   There are a few suggestions to group the various pieces such as old furniture, children’s toys, old clothes, books that can be donated.

Good donation sites that you can schedule a pick up or drive the stuff to them are:


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The Salvation Army
Your local church or charity

You receive a tax write-off, and while it’s not the equivalent of what you spent on those items, you’re not going to make the money back from selling it at a yard sale or CraigsList.   Most folks would rather have the free time than the extra few dollars.A garage sale takes a lot of effort, and the payoff isn’t always worth it.   Shoppers come looking for a bargain, and you won’t make that much money, and most likely you’ll end up either bringing it back into the house or donating it.   The garage sale should be your last resort and could take you the whole day!

Now, once you have given away the good stuff, you will be left with trash and that’s where we @GreenSolutionsandMore come in.   Just pick up the phone and schedule a dropoff of one of our various size #dumpsters and your problems will be solved.   Our dumpsters are some of the best price dumpsters, and we can recommend any size to suit your project needs.

@GreenSolutionsAndMore, we supply, deliver and pick-up dumpsters of various sizes from

3 yard to 40 yard bins.   Our bins have various uses:

For Household Waste
For Dirt and Concrete
For Large Volume Trash
The Allowable Waste Materials for these type of dumpsters are:

Wood, particle board, fiberboard, drywall
Wire, steel, aluminum, glass

Landscape waste (grass, branches, leaves, etc.)

NOTE: Roofing materials are only allowed in our 10-cubic yard or 20-cubic yard boxes

NOTE: Concrete, dirt, rocks, bricks are only allowed in our 10-cubic yard boxes

So don’t miss this opportunity to clean up your home and garden, take advantage of the good weather.   You will feel so much better when you can move around your home and garden without the clutter and dust accumulation, needless to say the garden will breathe again when you have removed all the dead wood and clippings.

We, @Green Solutions & More, offer bulk mulch and compost and bark chips.   Our dumpsters vary in size.   Call us and we will recommend the correct size dumpster for your #trash or renovation project.   We deliver and collect at your convenience.

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