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Now is the ideal time to get into that yard and take care of your trees and shrubs.   Winter will always cause some damage and die off in the garden and recycling that debris is a perfect way to help the environment and take care of your trash around the home.

The easiest and most cost effective way to deal with dead trees and garden refuse is to call Green Solutions and More and have one of our #trashbins delivered right to your doorstep.   We will recommend the correct size for your needs and schedule a pick up when the job is done.   Our trash bins come in various sizes, depending on your needs.   We have dumpsters small, medium and large for garden refuse, home cleanups and larger home DIY projects and renovations.   Kitchen renovations, no problem, just dump in our dumpsters and we will cart it away.

Our wood recycling offers you the best #commercialcompost, bark and wood chips.   This offers you a great opportunity to get rid of all your garden refuse and old trees, as well as leaves and general garden trash.   Our barks come in various sizes and colors and are ideal for commercial gardens in bulk.   Our compost is also top notch and the prices are fantastic.

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Wood waste can be from landscaping or from renovation projects around your home.   Even old furniture can be recycled and turned into something useful and productive rather than filling up the landfills.  The main categories of wood waste include yard waste, untreated wood, painted or treated wood, and home goods like toys and other wood products from around the house. Clearly, the most straightforward type of wood waste, as well as the most common will be yard refuse.   Of course, untreated wood is ideal for recycling and turning into wood chips but scrap lumber from home improvements, if untreated, are great.   Lumber offcuts bought from stores are also welcome.

Green Solutions and More, believes that we can make a difference in our community around Lincoln and Sacramento.   We are passionate about helping our community to recycle and keep wood products and garden waste out of landfills.   We’ve got you covered.

Give us a call and we will help you to choose a dumpster for your needs.   If you would like to drop off your garden or wood waste, just give us a call.   For all commercial garden projects, we have bark, compost and many more gardening and landscaping products in bulk.

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