Moving? Have a #Dumpster and a Plan

Whether you have decided to move out of home, downscale to a smaller house or move to a larger dwelling, the whole process can be very stressful.   Just sorting through all your belongings you have stored away in nooks and cupboards can be an enormous amount of work.   Not to mention the basement and attic areas where stuff has been long forgotten.  
The answer to all your pain is renting a suitable size dumpster to take care of all the #junk, broken bikes, old boxes and furniture never repaired.   A clean, decluttered,  blank canvas for potential buyers to envision their lives is always advantageous.

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The upside to decluttering:

  1. With less stuff to move, you save money on moving expenses
  2. You earn money by selling/donating the things you want to get rid of
  3. Your house looks bigger once you’ve cleaned out all the clutter and memorabilia, and thus, allows for a higher asking price and quicker sale.


Here are some helpful tips to get you going:

  1. CLEANOUT – Whatever you do, don’t leave the sorting and cleanout until the last minute when you should be packing.   A majority of experts recommend doing a radicle cleanout and decluttering of your house before even putting it on the market. Saving the dirty work for the last minute can be very stressful, so the earlier you start the process, the better.
  2. PLAN – Make a plan which rooms you will start with so that the boxes of junk don’t pile up in the hallway.   Starting at the back of the house and moving stuff to the dumpster or boxes to the front will free up your working space.   Taking boxes of ornaments and clothing to the goodwill as soon as they are ready will free up space as well.
  3. ORDER THE DUMPSTER – call us at Green Solutions and More and we will talk you through the correct size dumpster for your items.
  4. GARDEN CLEANUP – ordering a dumpster will also give you the space to cut down dead trees and shrubs and send them to us for recycling and chipping.   A neat garden is always more attractive to buyers.
  5. PAINT – a fresh coat of neutral paint inside and outside the house will improve the curb appeal.   Be aware that you cannot dump old paint cans into dumpsters because of the hazardous chemicals.

"Our memories are within us, not in our things." There are a million ways to cope with parting ways with sentimental items. Let the kids choose one of their special furry animals, not the whole zoo.   Sometimes taking photos of certain pieces, and writing a little history about that piece, will be a wonderful memory without having to keep all the bits and pieces of many trips and holidays gone bye.
Just ditch it. Sell it, donate it to charity, or trash it.



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