@GreenSolutions and More we have a huge selection of bulk #mulch, #compost, #bark and #soil for wholesale supply.   We also offer best price #10yarddumpsters and larger sizes as well as asphalt and concrete recycling facilities.  

At our facility we offer bulk garden recycling, bulk concrete recycling and bulk asphalt recycling.  

Mulch or Bark –  is any organic material shredded into fine, medium or large sizes and used by landscapers as a top dressing on commercial garden beds.   Mulch helps to retain the water evaporation as well as keeping the soil temperatures from too hot or too cold.  We offer 4 colors of #commercialbark.   Now is the ideal time to mulch the beds before the extreme temperatures and frost set in for winter.  Keep bark a few inches away from the base of a tree trunk to prevent rot or rodent damage. During the winter mulch provides protection for perennials, roses and other sensitive plant material.  Mulches enhance the beauty of garden beds with texture and color to complement the plant material.  Typically mulch should be applied 2 to 4 inches deep over relatively clean, weed-free soils. Covering existing weeds will not control them.  If you have a weed problem, you can install weed barriers such as newspaper, weed fabric, or black plastic before applying mulches.
Water soil deeply before applying mulch; never apply mulches to dry soil.  When selecting mulch, think about availability, affordability, appearance and simplicity of maintenance.  The benefits of mulching with these organic materials discourages weeds and garden pests, conserves moisture in the soil, keeps dust from blowing around, dresses up the beds with texture and color, improves topsoil as it breaks down, and is a layer of protection for plants against weather.
Compost – Our top quality 50/50 compost is made up of screened organic matter and the finest soil.  Commercial landscapers can use 1 to 3 inches of compost in vegetable gardens, large commercial plots and flower and shrub beds. At the end of a growing season, compost can also be added to annual flower beds to protect and improve the soil for future growth.

For commercial landscapers, our large selection of colored bark, mulches, compost and soils are a very convenient one stop shop.   Our quality is tops and we offer full recycling facilities for garden refuse as well as building materials and concrete.

Call us: 916-409 9700 @GreenSolutions and More and we will gladly supply you with bulk mulch, bark, compost or soil for your commercial garden ventures.  


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