Renovating a house or office block is always a daunting job but if you plan ahead to remove concrete and recycle it, half your job will be done.  Our #concrete dumpsters are the perfect solution at affordable prices.   We offer different size dumpsters to manage the amount of concrete waste you will need to recycle.   Demolition concrete can be difficult to dump and cost considerably more if taken to dump sites.

@GreenSolutionsAndMore, we pride ourselves on recycling concrete and asphalt into reusable products, helping the environment and the construction industry.  Recycling building rubble and road asphalt can help the environment,  lessen air pollution, less water use in mining and less concrete in landfills.   Our prices are competitive and we accept all types of concrete and asphalt. Trailers, roll-offs and dump trucks are welcome as well as our very own dumpsters which are sized from 10 yard, 20 yards and 40 yard dumpsters.

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Crushed gravel is used successfully in new road construction as a sub-base, pouring new asphalt or concrete on top of it.

Crushed rubble can be used for retainer walls, paving, landscaping gravel, and resurfacing roads.  Large pieces can be used for walling or incorporated into new concrete construction.   There are so many benefits to recycling concrete and asphalt and here are just a few:

  • Conserves natural resources compared to gravel mining. Recycling one ton of cement can save 1,360 gallons of water, 900 kg of CO2.
  • Reduces pollution from transport to landfills and dumps
  • Reduces costs of transporting materials and waste
  • Saves landfill space
  • Creates employment

Construction companies and builders cannot ignore the advantages and cost savings associated in recycling concrete with Green Solutions and More.   Call us today and get set up for your upcoming renovation and building project.

We will always give you the best advice to recycle your concrete and asphalt.

Give us a call to learn more about our waste removal dumpsters and get a free quote.

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