Green Solutions and More recycles bark, wood and garden clippings and produces some of the best top soil, mulch and bark chips available in Lincoln.  Using a good mulch for your garden is the perfect way to protect your plants over the harsh winter months. Mulch will help to retain moisture and suppress the weeds from growing.  There is no better solution to lowering your water bill than good topsoil and mulching your garden.


Some of the winning gardens regularly use a top rated mulch and topsoil to protect and revitalize the soil during the winter months.   Mulching your garden will help to nurture the roots of new scrubs and trees, protecting them against wind and cold weather.   If you are in a dry area, mulch will maintain the moisture in the soil which helps with water conservation.  Another great benefit of mulching your garden beds is weed suppression.   Keeping the light off the weeds will suppress their germination and be very helpful to any gardener.


You can apply topsoil at any time, but most gardeners add it in the fall as a top dressing that will allow nutrients to break down into the soil. You may include topsoil by adding it to the holes where shrubs are planted. You may spread a layer of it over the garden before or after planting.


Here are the main benefits of Topsoil and Mulch:


  • GOOD DRAINAGE – Topsoil drains well. If you have a heavy rainstorm topsoil will help to drain the water deep down into the roots of the plant, trapping the moisture deeper into the soil for root growth. Topsoil will help to lock in the moisture when the hot weather arrives and water will evaporate easily.
  • LESS EROSION – Wind, rain and runoff will disturb the top layer of your garden beds leaving the bottom layer of soil exposed. Topsoil can help to anchor your soil allowing the root systems to grow deeper and stronger.
  • NUTRITION – Good topsoil will provide added nutrients to the roots of your shrubs, seedlings and trees. Weeds and mature plants will all compete for the limited nutrients in your soil so adding a layer of good, well sifted topsoil will help a hungry garden and help to keep it healthy.


Green Solutions and More pays careful attention to producing excellent compost, mulch, bark and topsoil for wholesale.


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