Now is the perfect time to tackle that big cleanout of the basement or garage before the weather starts to turn.   Whether it’s garden refuse that has gathered in the corner of the yard, or broken toys, we have the perfect best price and best size dumpsters for any renovation.

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The Farmers Almanac has predicted some wind and storms this winter so make sure you have a repaired or new roof protecting your house.  Making these decisions early can upgrade the price of your real estate and prevent further damage to your home down the line.  Deciding whether to just patch the leaks or partial damage or completely replace the roof will depend on how old and how damaged the roof initially is.  Repairing shingles is relatively easy and inexpensive.   Torn or damaged shingles can be removed and new ones slipped into place.  The one problem with this is the color matching, so unless you have spare shingles and your roof is fairly new, there will always be a color discrepancy.   However, if you plan to sell your home in the next few years, ask your contractor to order shingles that match as closely as possible. A roof with a prominent patch is unattractive and will not inspire a potential buyer’s confidence.

On the other hand, if your roof has had better days and needs too many repairs, the best way to go is to order a dumpster from @GreenSolutionsandMore, and this will help the contractors dispose of the old shingles, very easily.

We also supply dumpsters to suit smaller garden cleanups.   The one thing you don’t want lying around is garden refuse.   It will attract insects, snakes and mice and is far better sending it to Green Solutions and More for recycling.  We can turn garden refuse into bark chips or compost and have the perfect facility for both.  

Now, when it comes to #concrete recycling, we deal professionally with the loads of concrete waste from paving, roads or walls and smaller renovations.   This will need a different size dumpster, depending on the size of the renovations.

If you have a need for roof recycling or concrete disposal, call us and we will recommend the correct dumpster for your renovation.   To schedule your dumpster arrival call us today:

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