We, @GreenSolutionsandMore, offer the best size dumpsters for #recycling garden refuse, #concrete recycling, #house renovations and basement and garage cleanouts. We offer various size dumpsters and can help you determine which is the best suited for your project.   We accept the following waste products in our dumpsters:

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  • Paper, cardboard
  • Wood, particle board, fiberboard, drywall
  • Wire, steel, aluminum, glass
  • Landscape waste (grass, branches, leaves, etc.)
  • NOTE: Roofing materials are only allowed in our 10-cubic yard or 20-cubic yard boxes
  • NOTE: Concrete, dirt, rocks, bricks are only allowed in our 10-cubic yard boxes

Fall is in full swing and it’s getting late to clean up your garden and prepare it for Spring.   One thing you should not do is just shut down on your gardening cleanup as this will leave you with a ton to do in Spring and make the work so much harder.    Try to reduce the amount of work facing you during next year’s spring activities and consider some of these suggestions for putting your garden to bed.

  1. Clean up and pull Diseased Plants Examine your summer plants and pull and plants that have developed disease, pests or funguses.   You can always leave the healthy plants to naturally disintegrate, providing nutrients and protection to your soil and offering cover for the overwintering pollinators.

  1. Remove invasive weeds before they seed –  Now is the vital time to rip out those renegades that take over your borders and hedges before they have time to seed and create a bigger problem in Spring.  Dig them up and throw them into your trash dumpster that you have ordered from @GreenSolutionsandMore.   This way they won’t be able to spread into your lawns and shrub beds.   Avoid throwing them into a compost heap as they will continue to grow and create a problem in another part of your garden.

  1. Amend your soil for Spring – Now is the right time to add soil amendments like manure and compost, or organic fertilizers such as bone meal, kelp and rock phosphate to your soil and garden beds. In most climates, adding nutrients at this time of year means they have time to start breaking down, enriching your soil, and becoming biologically active.  This way you will give your garden a great head start as we approach Spring and the busy time in the garden.

  1. Perennial Pruning – Be careful to read up about which shrubs enjoy fall pruning before you start to cut away.   Focus fall pruning efforts on flowers like roses; herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage which can get very woody.  Resist the urge to cut back your perennial flowering plants, particularly those covered in seed heads. These will make excellent meals for overwintering birds in your neighborhood and add interest to the winter garden. Stalks and leaves also provide winter protection for a plant’s tender crowns.

  1. Tree Trimming – This is an important task as old branches can get weighted down with rain and snow, wind can also create problems with old tree branches. Cleaning up shrubs and old branches, as well as leaves under trees is a good task to take care of now.

  1. Harvest and regenerate your compost –  Now that the heat of summer is over and nature’s microbes are settling in for their winter’s nap, you may be tempted to ignore your compost heap. This would be a missed opportunity in two ways. First, material composted over the summer is probably finished and ready to go. Using this rich material to top up garden beds, amend deficient soils or fertilize lawns and landscaping will nourish your soil and jumpstart growth come springtime.

Organic material is the single largest waste going into landfills.   This comprises tree branches, logs, stumps, lawn trimmings, leaves and garden waste.  When one considers that we, @GreenSolutionsandMore, can recycle these, turning them into wood chips and compost, it’s far more effective for our planet.

With all this work done and behind you let us deliver and pick up your waste dumpster on time and with no added hassles for you.  

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