We are all guilty of keeping things over time that we think we will need in the future. Whether for emotional reasons or practical reasons things go into drawers, boxes,
cabinets or the ultimate hoarding spot, the basement. According to a recent survey, one in seven Americans have a room in their home that is too cluttered to use. The first temptation is to rent a storage unit – don’t do it. Unless you’re planning to move and need to temporarily store your good furniture and belongings, this should not be an option. All those old Christmas and holiday decorations should be sorted and only the ones you used last season should be nicely packed into containers in the garage. The rest should be dumped in a dumpster. We at Green Solutions and More are experts in Junk removal Lincoln CA.

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“After years of experience working with clients, one thing is very clear: Americans have too much stuff and it’s causing them unnecessary anxiety. People have a hard time decluttering for a lot of reasons – such as an underlying emotional attachment or because the process is simply too overwhelming. But that needs to change, especially as many face financial pressures. One way to ease the process is to turn the things accumulating around your house into money”— Collette Shine, owner of Organize and Shine, LLC and president of the New York chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers

First, you have to sort out the large furniture, paintings, luggage etc that you have no use for and are taking up the major space. These can be of value to someone else and most consignment stores are willing to collect these from your home. The next level down would be all the clothes that just haven’t been worn for a few years. These too can be boxed up and sent to the local Goodwill store and will have a value for someone. Then you get down to the packed boxes from your last move that you haven’t looked at in years. Pots and pans or old linen, these are the things you can dump. Cutlery and crockery from your parents home is never going to be used if you haven’t already had a need for it. Keep one beautiful bowl or serving platter for a keepsake and donate the rest. Broken shelves that you thought you would repair one day, it’s not going to happen! All that old gardening equipment that’s turned rusty, or old piping or sprinkler pipes, old hose pipes, you name it, you will be better off to dump it.


TAG: Best price dumpster rentals Lincoln CA | Roll off dumpster Lincoln CA | Waste removal Lincoln CA | Trash removal Lincoln CA

So remember, if it’s trash removal you are struggling with, we have the best solution for all those unwanted items. Green Solutions and More has the ideal size dumpster that can be delivered right to your yard. If you need to rent a bin we will help you to decide what size you will need.

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