Winter cleanups and renovations can create a lot of waste and debris that has to be hauled off to a dump. It may be worth your while to rent a dumpster and have all the debris removed professionally without all the back injuries, inhaling of dust and chemicals that might be putting you in danger.

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Here are just a few things to consider before you try to haul your own debris:

  1. How close is the nearest landfill or or dumpsite that accepts the type of waste you’re hauling?
  2. Is your pickup truck large enough to handle the load or will multiple trips be required to complete the cleanup?
  3. Have you gone into all the details necessary for waste transport and disposal laws in your city and state? Some locations have rather restrictive regulations regarding the dumping of yard and renovation waste.
  4. Injuries are very common with the hard work that’s required to haul the waste or debris yourself.
  5. Your time is far too valuable to be using up a whole day to cart off this unwanted waste.
  6. Consider the fuel cost to make several trips to the waste disposal.

When you sit down and consider all the above points it will probably be a lot easier and cost effective to call a professional dumpster rental company to deliver the appropriate size dumpster right to your door ready for collection.


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