• All Your Bark, Soil,
    Compost and Wood
    Recycling Needs

    Please Note: Bark and soil products are only sold wholesale at this facility.
    For Homeowner/Residential sales, please call our sales office - 916 409 5051.
    Green Solutions
  • Four Different

    Bark Varieties

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  • Healthy, Thriving Soil

    Screened topsoil, screened fill dirt and blended dirt.

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  • Rich, Active Compost and Mulch

    Biologically active for gardens or soil

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  • Wood recycling and reclaiming

    Fencing, scrap lumber, reclaimed barn wood, pallets, plywood, firewood

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  • Green Solutions’
    Full Service Facility

    On-site grinding and trommel

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    <p>Green Solutions’<br />
Full Service Facility</p>


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