After a long winter, we have finally got some good weather which will allow you to get cracking and clean up your yard.   Over the winter months plants die off and garden debris accumulates around the yard and house.  When the weather is cold and rainy, it’s just too easy to leave things like wood or old appliances outside in the yard.   This creates an eyesore for the neighbours and a hazard for the children who play in the yard.    It’s always a good idea to get this debris and plant waste removed so that it doesn’t become a perfect nesting place for mice, rats, snakes and critters small and large.   Keeping the yard and area around the house clean and free from building waste and old junk is one of the most important things you can do to keep the value of your home and property up as well as keeping the yard and environment healthy and safe.  The easiest way to remove your branches, lumber, scrap wood fencing, shrubs, old trees, plywood, firewood, laminated wood, old grass trimmings, recycled pallets and general garden refuse is to call us at Green Solutions and More and we will gladly help you decide which is the best size roll off dumpster for your needs.

Here are a few benefits to renting a mini dumpster:

  1. easy walk-in loading.
  2. small, maneuverable trucks for tight spaces and precision placement.
  3. rent the correct size you need: saves space and money.
  4. can deliver and pick up with “no one home”.
  5. knowledgeable of local permit and placement regulations
  6. Family owned and experienced company.

We also offer green waste acceptance services so if you have your own vehicle you can gladly bring your green waste to Green Solutions and More.   We provide dumpsters for home projects, industrial, construction and manufacturing projects.   We deliver and pick up from your project.

Call us at: Tel: (916) 409-9700 and we’ll be happy to help.  
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