Green Solutions and More is a forward thinking company with the environment always uppermost in their minds.   They now offer some of the easiest, most affordable and accessible options to recycle your concrete, asphalt, garden refuse and junk removal in Lincoln, California.

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Green Solutions and More will accept demolition concrete, asphalt, dumpsters, green waste, certain woods and can easily accommodate trailers, roll offs and dump trucks.   With their onsite crushing equipment, they supply recycled concrete and aggregate as well as recycled asphalt for building supplies.
Instead of burying your demolition concrete or asphalt in landfills at very expensive carting and  tipping fees, rather bring it to Green Solutions and More for us to correctly crush and recycle these landfill nightmares.

Taking this one step further, when the building industry uses recycled aggregate and recycled asphalt, the environmental impact is far more positive.  There are so many uses of recycled aggregate from building foundations, curbs and gutters, roads, pathways and patios, walls, roads and highways to airport runways.  

Besides all the implications of transporting and dumping these products into our landfills, we can now offer reduced prices for clean asphalt and aggregate to the building industry. Using recycled materials as gravel also reduces the massive impact that mining has on the environment.


Road Building – one of the largest uses of recycled aggregate is for the base in road building.   The Department of Transportation widely uses recycled aggregate as one of the stabilizing levels in their road building.

Soil Stabilization – Where soil stability is at issue, the load-bearing capacity of that sub-grade can be improved through the incorporation of recycled aggregate. The use of recycled concrete and asphalt aggregate changes the capability of water runoff, preventing pooling, and improving drainage of subgrade, thereby increasing stability.
Pipe bedding – Recycled concrete can serve as a stable bed or firm foundation in which to lay underground utilities such as pipes and cables.
Landscape Materials – Recycled concrete has been used in various landscape settings, including paving stones, sea walls, stacked rock walls, highway underpass abutment structures, erosion structures, water features, retaining walls, and other uses.

With the pressure on the environment and the growing need to keep building expenses within budget, we have no doubt that concrete and asphalt recycling and the use of these products, will become a staple in the building industry overall.   We at Green Solutions and More will do our best to help the environment by offering recycling solutions.  Contact us today for pricing or any information you may require on Renting a Dumpster, Recycling your concrete or asphalt, wood or garden refuse.


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