Our wonderful summer months are fast fading and fall is now becoming a reality. Pumpkins, spice lattes and cooler weather, and of course, some dreaded yard maintenance. As much as we all enjoy the beauty of the fall leaf colors, the mess of clumps of old leaves mixed with rain or snow is not great. Fortunately, cool autumn weather is perfect for yard cleanup and we have various size affordable dumpster rentals Lincoln CA to help with this task.

Fall is an important time for maintaining your yard, preparing your garden for the next growing season and setting you up for a beautiful lush lawn and clean, healthy flower beds once spring rolls around next year.


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Here are a few suggestions to help with your Rental Dumpster Choices:

DUMPSTER FOR GUTTER CLEANING – Autumn usually brings more rainfall, and dead leaves can quickly clog gutters, leaving you vulnerable to water damage. Time to get out the ladder and clear things out.

DUMPSTER FOR LEAF AND TREE CUTTINGS – Besides the aesthetic reasons, removing leaves and old branches in fall is key when it comes to promoting a healthy, safe yard. Waste removal of dead plant matter from your lawn and beds will safeguard their health and prevent the growth of weeds, fungi and viruses. Autumn is the best time to prune and transplant most trees and shrubs. Trying to do it in spring or summer can shock them, right when they’re budding or blooming. The time is also right to trim back or lop off dead or dangling branches, since hurricane season is immediately followed by winter storms in much of the country, and any storm can cause a dead limb to fall on your property.

DUMPSTER FOR LAWN CUTTINGS – The final cut and trim of your lawn leaves it looking clean and manicured, but it’s also very beneficial in preparing the grass for next spring. It will encourage growth and also clean up any remains of debris that may have been left on your lawn once the clean up is complete. Your fall clean up will not only help safeguard your lawn and landscape against disease and the frosty winter ahead, but most of all, it will help protect your investment in your home.

DUMPSTER FOR COMMERCIAL DEMOLITION OR HOUSE DEBRIS – If you have decided to build, renovate or clean out your basement and have any hard recycling here is a list of acceptable materials:

● Clean wood: dimensional lumber, plywood and OSB, no painted or treated lumber, no siding
● Cardboard
● Scrap metal
● Appliances
● Wire
● Yard waste
● Cedar shake shingles
● Concrete (only hauled separately in 12-yard roll-off containers)


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We know that needs vary from home to home. We offer 10 yard, 12 yard, and 20 yard trash bins and dumpsters so that you can have the perfect dumpster for your home or commercial needs regardless of the size of your home or your yard cleanup project.


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