Good quality compost – what is it and why use it?


Compost is made of decayed organic matter that is used to fertilize soil and therefore plants. It usually consists of decomposed leaves, grass clippings and vegetable peels. It is often called black gold because of its ability to improve soil structure and improve the water-holding capacity of the soil. Compost also helps to improve the structure of the soil, making it looser and easier to cultivate. It is a great way to recycle organic matter.

Other benefits of compost are that it helps fight soilborne pathogens that can cause plant diseases. Compost also has the ability to hold nutrients and provide these nutrients to the plants.

The quality of compost varies greatly depending on what goes into them and how they are processed. The other factors that influence the quality are the pH, maturity, presence of weeds, presence of toxic substances and the availability of earthworms, microorganisms and insects, which add to the quality. High quality compost is not too wet, can hold water, has great nutrients and is mature. Mature compost occurs when the organic material has extensively decomposed. If immature compost is added to a garden, it can be detrimental to the plants. This is because the bacteria in the compost competes with plants for nitrogen in the soil, causing yellow leaves or stunted growth. If compost still smells like ammonia, is hot or still looks like the original organic matter, it is not mature enough for use. Mature compost is dark-colored and has an earthy odor.

Compost can be used in many ways. It can be used to improve soil; mulch a garden; establish a planting bed; fill space during the planting of trees, shrubs or perennials; establish lawns; add to vegetable beds or for controlling erosion.

Compost is essential for establishing a healthy, vibrant yard. At Green Solutions And More we have invested in costly equipment to insure that we create the best quality, mature, organic compost. We understand the importance and necessity of the best compost available commercially. Please call us to hear more to or to arrange a delivery to anywhere within the Sacramento area. We are selling our compost for $14.00 a yard, screened to ⅜” minus.


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