One of the most important things to recycle in today’s fast paced building industry is concrete. 
Buildings are being torn down at such a quick pace and new, modern structures are going up to accommodate new, swiftly growing cities.   One such city is Lincoln in California.   The growth of new businesses, housing, schools and colleges is mushrooming and with this growth comes the need to recycle the old concrete, wood and garden refuse.   @Green Solutions and More we welcome your concrete, wood and garden refuse and will recycle it at very competitive pricing.   Our rental dumpsters can be delivered to your doorstep and be collected on a scheduled date with no exposure from the Corona Virus to you or our staff.   Our recycling facilities are well equipped to handle all your recycling needs at a far better price than landfills.  

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Concrete can be a difficult building material to dispose of, with weight restrictions on trucks and landfills.   We have the solution for your concrete recycling needs.   Just call us @Green Solutions and More and we can schedule the correct size dumpster for your concrete recycling needs.  

There are many different ways to make a success of your construction project, as well as benefit the environment,  but concrete recycling is No 1. Concrete recycling is providing the means to successfully come out tops in both areas.  In the past, construction rubble was carted off to landfills, which certainly took up a lot of space and polluted the environment. With the introduction of the idea of using recycled concrete in construction projects, there is a significant decrease in this wasteful practice. Recycling concrete is a welcomed development, as the landfills can now be used for other more urgent needs. Crushed recycled concrete makes an ideal, cheaper and hardier alternative to gravel.

Recycled concrete is now being used very successfully as a cheaper alternative to stemming erosion for the new construction of river banks and other waterways. In Lincoln and its surrounding cities, this methodology is proving to be the ideal environmentally friendly way of reusing concrete rubble.   Concrete recycling in Lincoln has reached impressive heights and is now being introduced in many new road and housing construction projects.   If you would like to keep your costs down and help save the environment in the process, then the idea of concrete recycling should be explored.

@Green Solutions and More, we have managed to increase the positive outcome for the city of Lincoln, helping to protect the environment, and providing a facility for builders to bring their waste and concrete for recycling.


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