PRO DUMPSTER DIVER MAKES A FORTUNE and recycles unwanted goods all at the same time. Now there’s a thought!

Matt Malone has been called the professional dumpster diver. Matt has been cruising the dumpsters behind electronic stores like Office Depot for a while now and coming up with some incredible finds. Don’t get it wrong, Malone has a great day job and his own electronic start up and yet he still finds it very rewarding to dumpster dive.


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A reporter from Wired went on the hunt with Malone to see how he went about this process and very quickly found out! Heaving himself up the wall of a dumpster and armed with only a flashlight he quickly rummages through the papers and boxes and exclaims:
“Hell yes! Hell yes!” He comes out with a box containing a complete Uniden Wireless Video Surveillance System—two cameras and a wireless monitor—which normally retails for $419. A quick inspection reveals that it’s all in perfect condition, although someone has clearly opened and repacked it.
He quickly ran through a list of recent finds: vacuums, power tools, furniture, carpeting, industrial machines, assorted electronics. Much of it needs a little love, he says, but a lot of it is in perfect condition On another dumpster drive he found a Martin Yale business card slitter with a retail price of $1,850 which he sold on Craigslist for $1,200 “When in doubt, take it!”

So with this in mind here is a list of a few items that should not be dumpstered.

  • Chemicals: Lead-based household cleaners, paint, pesticides, and anything else that may damage either the environment by seeping into the ground or the wildlife that feeds on refuse.
  • Wet paint: Contact a hazardous waste drop off to dispose of wet paints.
  • Batteries: Batteries contain chemicals like lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals and should not be disposed of in a dumpster.
  • Engine Oil: Engine oil should be returned to auto repair shops that can properly dispose of the liquid.
  • Tvs or Computer accessories:  Computer parts such as hard drives can cause environmental damage and should not be disposed of in a container.
  • Fluorescent bulbs: Should not be recycled into dumpsters due to mercury concerns.
  •  Tires: Most landfills do not accept tires, therefore it is recommended to recycle tires at your auto repair shop.

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