In an age of greater environmental awareness plus the every pressured market to keep construction costs down, recycling concrete proves to have many benefits.   For far too many years, construction companies have carted off their building waste,  including large blocks of concrete, to landfills and dumps, where they languish with very little break down and take up enormous amounts of space.   Thanks to the high efficiency of the latest recycling machines, we have been able to repurpose these enormous loads, turning them into perfect aggregate to be reused in construction projects, home improvements and landscaping projects.

This type of recycled concrete is usually cheaper than buying new concrete which allows you to save on material costs but not compromise on quality. 

Uses for Recycled Concrete:

Road Base 
One of the largest uses of recycled concrete is for construction of roads.   Recycled concrete can be used for the center layer of the roadbed.   Normally a cross section would have a dirt or subgrade base, layered on top of that an aggregate base and finally a concrete or asphalt top.
Stabilizing Soil Beds 
Where soil beds are not stable and have possible water drainage, the use of recycled concrete as a stabilizer increases the strength of the subgrade used.
Landscape Materials
Recycled concrete has been very successfully used in paving stones, stackable rock walls, water features, retaining walls and underpasses.

If you have large or small loads of concrete or asphalt waste to dispose of, Green Solutions and More will help to solve your recycling and dumpster needs.   We will accept all kinds of demolition concrete and asphalt at our facility at competitive prices.

Contact us if you have any further questions regarding recycling concrete or dumpster rentals and we will be happy to help you.

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