@Green Solutions and More, we are very aware of the environment and stay up to date with all our recycling efforts to help and keep our city of Lincoln environly friendly.  We have managed to increase the positive outcome for the city of Lincoln, helping to protect the environment, and providing a facility for builders to bring their waste and concrete to a convenient location for recycling.  Our efforts to keep concrete debris out of landfills saves landfill space. Substituting recycled concrete can conserve natural resources by reducing the constant need for gravel mining, water, coal, oil and gas. Using recycled concrete as the base material for roadways reduces the pollution caused by the massive trucking industry. 

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For industry, there are also significant incentives. One source lists concrete tipping costs at $100 per ton, and related freight charges moving material to the landfill at $0.25 per mile/ton. Sources of clean aggregate include building foundations, curb and gutter, roads, highways, airport runways and more.

Uses for Recycled Concrete

The largest application of recycled concrete aggregate is for the aggregate base course in road construction. This term refers to the center layer of the roadbed. A cross-section of pavement would show dirt, or subgrade, as the lowest of three levels, layered on top by aggregate base course, and the final layer of, either concrete or asphalt. This application is widely accepted for recycled concrete by Departments of Transportation.
Where soil stability is at issue, the load-bearing capacity of that sub-grade can be improved through the incorporation of recycled aggregate, lime or fly ash. The process changes the water susceptibility of subgrade, thereby increasing stability.
Recycled concrete can serve as a stable bed or firm foundation in which to lay underground utilities.
Recycled concrete has been used in various landscape settings, including paving stones, boulder/stacked rock walls, underpass abutment structures, erosion structures, water features, retaining walls, and many other uses.

With the pressure continuing to mount on landfills and the costs involved, take a moment to think about recycling your concrete @Green Solutions and More and you will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are helping to keep the City of Lincoln green.


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