The holiday season is one of the best as well as worst times of the year.   We have such fun buying gifts, wrapping, bows, cards and don’t always take the time to recycle them correctly.   Retail stores, manufacturing facilities and restaurant and food services are working at peak pressure and the waste builds up.

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According to the EPA, an additional one million tons of waste of all kinds ends up in landfills every week between Thanksgiving and New Year.   Cardboard, plastic packaging and food waste are the main disposables.   However, with just a little awareness this problem can be reduced enormously.  Here are a few tips to reduce your waste over the Holiday Season:

ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE – Try to plan your menus ahead of time to prevent food going off in your fridge.   Sending home leftovers with friends and relatives after the celebrations are done is always a fun ending to a dinner party and will be enjoyed the next day.   Keep a compost bin for vegetable trimmings and eggshells.   These will nourish your flower beds for the spring planting.

REDUCE PACKAGING – An estimated $11 billion worth of packaging material is discarded by Americans every year.   Many manufacturers and retailers are becoming more aware of the massive waste and are recycling their packaging in dumpsters.   Recently, Amazon has made their packaging 100% recyclable and the packaging fits snugly around the size of the product,  reducing waste.  If your business ships products, consider using recyclable products for shipping and reduce the size of your packaging to fit the products.

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As a New Year resolution help your company and household to be more aware of recycling, replacing plastics with reusable mugs and drinking bottles, go straw free and paper cup free.   Make sure that your garden service is recycling their garden refuse in the correct bins, whether it’s leaf cleanups or grass cuttings.   Most importantly, concrete can be sent to us as Green Solutions and More and we will recycle it for new uses in roads, wall building and pathways.

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