Great Tips for Spring Garden Cleanups.

All winter long the garden lies mostly dormant, snow and rain creates a soggy mess for the most part.  The die down is inevitable with trees, shrubs, grass, annuals and perennials.  Leaving this mess in your garden can create further problems with rats and insects nesting.   It’s also an eyesore for your neighbours and just looks bad.  To add to your problems, weeds love to germinate under all that mess,  if unattended.  You may even have broken garden furniture that you want to dispose of.   Make sure you accumulate all the unnecessary mess and junk before scheduling your rental dumpster so that you can gauge the correct size needed.

It’s best to wait until all your raking of dead grass, trimming of branches and shrubs is over before you rent your dumpster.   To help you start the spring cleanup and keep your garden disease free, your best friend will be a rental dumpster from Green Solutions and More.   Depending on the size of your yard, we have dumpsters to suit any project, small or large, home or industrial.


Remove protective winter mulch and burlap wraps
Prune shrubs and bushes
Prune roses
Shake off remaining dead leaves
Remove dead annuals
Cut off dead growth from perennials
Dig up vegetable garden
Pull out weeds
Redo edges of grass
Rake and spike grass
Cut dead branches off trees

Once you have removed all the old debris from your garden, you are ready to make a fresh start to your landscaping.   Make sure you have called us at Green Solutions and More to order your correct size dumpster and any fresh, compost, soil, mulch or attractive new stones, pebbles or wood chips.   We have it all and can suggest and help you with all our products for the garden and landscaping!

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