Using Bark, Mulch and Compost to nourish your yard in Spring.


Spring is such a beautiful time of year of new beginnings and fresh starts. The days are getting longer, the sunshine brighter and the trees greener. It’s the time of year to start establishing our yards and creating a healthy environment for our plants and vegetables to grow in. There are many ways to encourage healthy soil but one of the best is to cover the surface with various layers of bark, mulch and compost to add the essential nutrients back into the soil. A method used by Paul Gautschi, of the documentary Back to Eden, includes adding many layers of these organic matters that will decompose and leave behind their nutrients in the soil Here’s a step by step guide of how to do this:

How to use bark, mulch and compost to nourish your soil:

  • Start by applying 3-4 sheets of newspaper to the top of your soil, without tilling the soil.
  • Apply 3-4 inches of compost.
  • Add 2-4 inches of bark or wood chips, covering the top of the compost.
  • Apply a thin layer of composted manure for fertilizer.
  • Next plant your seeds. If you are using raw wood chips, pull the bark back and plant the seeds directly into the soil or compost.
  • If you are using compost or screened wood chips, plant the seeds directly into the composted material.

The end result of your layers will look something like this:



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