Rent A Dumpster

Rent a dumpster to redo your landscaping, remove that lawn, be water wise and save money!
One of the biggest landscaping trends is to rent a cheap dumpster, rip up your old water guzzling weed filled lawn and redo the front yard into an eco friendly landscape.  Sustainable #landscaping in the Lincoln, Sacramento area of California is leading the way in water conservation and helping households to save money on their monthly water and maintenance bills.   Sprinkler systems regularly break, flowers die and trying to keep your lawn looking green and weed free is a full time job.   Using pesticides on your lawn and shrubs causes pollution to the earth and kills good bugs that help maintain a healthy ecosystem in your garden. 


Remove your Lawn

With the changing climate and water costs on the rise, there are some wonderful options to redo your front yard with paving, fountains, rocks, bark and pebble landscaping.   Adding a few shrubs and ornamental trees that make a beautiful impact without the huge upkeep costs of lawn will be a very eye catching idea.   Rent a #cheap dumpster, pull up the existing grass and enjoy designing your new sustainable front yard.

Good Topsoil

Once you have rented your dumpster, hire a few hands to help dig up the old lawn and remove all the debris.  Once you have levelled off and raked your soil,  buying some good topsoil will be of great benefit to your new shrubs.

Landscape your front yard

Now you can get some landscaping advice for paving, rock features and eventually add a few shrubs that grow well in your region.  Use Native Plants & Trees.   Native plants often need less water than foreign species, as they’re used to the local rain levels. They also have developed strong defenses against local pests and diseases.
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Benefits of sustainable landscaping:

  1. Less repairs to sprinkler systems
  2. Reducing your water bill
  3. Less need for weekend yard maintenance
  4. Little need for fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers
  5. Less run off to gutters and  rivers
  6. Less lawn mowing
  7. Attracting more birds, pollinators and butterflies
  8. Eye catching curb appeal
  9. Increasing the value of your home

Sustainable landscaping is a perfect way to let nature beautify your home, helping you to spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying your garden.


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