The State of CA has prohibited electronic waste, such as fluorescent tubes and consumer batteries, from the trash or landfill bin because they contain poisonous heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. These chemicals can pollute groundwater near landfills and pose harmful effects on public health.

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Examples of Electronic Waste Items

  1. Batteries
  2. Computer monitors
  3. Computer mice, keyboards and components
  4. CD-DVD players
  5. Cell phones
  6. Copiers
  7. Fax machines
  8. Fluorescent lamps
  9. Hand held electronics
  10. Microwaves and other small household appliances
  11. MP3 players
  12. Pagers
  13. Printers
  14. Stereos
  15. Televisions
  16. Video cassette recorders

Prohibited items for dumpsters
Tires, car batteries, stumps, railroad ties, paints & lacquers, oils, asbestos, medical waste, contaminated soils & absorbents, inks & resins, industrial drums, food waste, fuels, adhesives, and refrigerants.


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Other problems to avoid when it comes to renting dumpsters from Green Solutions in Lincoln, CA  include:

Maximum loading Level Line – please be aware that there is a maximum loading line for all dumpsters so don’t overfill them as we won’t be able to remove them safely.
Weight Restrictions – Do not overfill the dumpster with heavy concrete or stucco.   Be sure to ask Green Solutions about your weight restrictions for each size dumpster being rented.
Danger to Children- Make sure that children are aware not to play in or around the dumpster and its contents.  Accidents can easily happen around construction and waste materials.
Do Not Obstruct Dumpster – Keep the driveway clear in front of the dumpster to allow easy access by builders or workers at all times.

It is always helpful to take care to layer all materials as flat as possible, placing heavier objects on the bottom of the container.   Keep in mind that sharp, metal or wood objects are very dangerous and should be laid horizontally at the bottom of the container to avoid harm to others.

With all this in mind, please feel free to call us at Green Solutions and more for any queries about our dumpster rentals.   We have many different sizes in dumpsters and some of the best budget pricing in Lincoln CA, and surrounding areas.

So remember, if it’s trash removal you are struggling with, we have the best solution for all those unwanted items.   Green Solutions and More  has the ideal size dumpster that can be delivered right to your yard.   If you need to rent a bin we will help you to decide what size you will need.

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