Garden Waste

RENOVATING PATIOS AND WALKWAYS – Dumpsters will help you remove trash.

If you’re planning a renovation project to your home or garden the first thing you must do is order a dumpster and you won’t have to deal with all the debris while you’re working.  The digging and planning can be fun and so gratifying but hauling away the debris is no fun.

Redoing your patio and walkways, whether it’s wood, concrete or flagstone,  is a perfect way to upgrade the value of your home and give you and your family a great entertaining space.  Whether it’s a partial renovation or a full tear out, there is a ton of waste and recycling that comes out of this project.   This will probably include dead grass and shrubs, and patches of your yard or garden so take some time to plan ahead and avoid the stress of the trash and rubble removal.

If you order a dumpster ahead of time it will make your recycling job a lot easier as you slowly renovate your patio and walkways.   Removing old wood, concrete and flagstone will be a good starting point to the reconstruction of your outdoor space.

Keeping in mind you will not be able to dump this type of construction waste on the sidewalk for your weekly pickup. Plan ahead and call for the right size dumpster, delivered right to your doorstep.   We will also take care of your old bricks, concrete, wood, and glass at our recycling plant.   If you have old trees that can be chopped down and recycled, we will turn them into wood chips.   If you have an old asphalt driveway you are removing, we will take it and recycle the asphalt.  We will also deal with drywall, rocks and garden waste.

While you’re at it, consider the condition of your existing fence or deck or shed!   Once you have a beautifully planned garden you will want to finish it off with a good surrounding fence.

Some garden planning points to consider:

Plant for year round Appeal

Use walkways to connect spots in the garden

Raise a bed or two in the corners with gentle mounds

Add an outdoor seating or relaxing area

Create curved line instead of straight ones

Lighting will bring the outside in during the evenings

Remember this type of renovation will add huge value to your property and last a lifetime if looked after and maintained.


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