Green Waste Acceptance


Stuck with a pile of garden waste or trash?  We, at Green Solutions and More accept wholesale garden refuse, waste, trash and can repurpose these into wholesale products.

Our waste acceptance facility offers chipping, grinding and screening for garden waste, shrubs, trees, palettes, renovation wood, concrete and more.   Our chipping and grinding facility can turn wood into wood chips, we color them ourselves and offer wholesale wood chips, mulch, soil, compost and topsoil of the finest quality. Landscape gardeners, public works, schools, colleges, municipalities, sports facilities and cities can easily drop off their garden waste or trash with us and can buy all their garden, landscaping needs from us as wholesalers.

We will accept:

Branches and lumber

Brush and shrubs

Scrap wood fencing

Timber and log rounds nothing larger than 18” diameter

Wood chips

Yard trimmings




Reclaimed structural wood

Laminated wood




We also offer a full delivery service, of wholesale bark, topsoil, the finest compost, mulches and the best priced dumpsters to help with your trash removal.

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