Topsoil is one of the magical ingredients helping gardens get through the hot summer months.

Topsoil is the key component for good gardening and farming, helping to grow any plant, from flowers, herbs, shrubs to trees and fruit trees while fending off herbivore pests. This rich earth holds the nutrients, organic matter as well as microorganisms needed for healthy gardening. Its complex consistency usually includes a mixture of sand, clay, manure and silt.

While taking the greatest care in producing good quality topsoil, Green Solutions and More cleans and screens our soil to remove lumps and stones.   Once this quality topsoil is applied to the garden it allows nutrients and water to flow naturally through the soil for a healthier growing space. Once tilled into your garden’s natural topsoil, the plants’ roots are free to grow and spread deeply. Fruit trees and other large plants will thrive and have a greater chance of healthy growth and fruit production. Topsoil is vital for a good lawn, helping it to contain moisture and suppress weeds. In every way, good topsoil is a gardener’s best friend.




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